Monday, March 31, 2014

GPS Tracking in the Court Room

GPS live tracking has become very useful to law enforcement for investigations of theft. It is also gaining ground in the courtroom.

A Florida jury recently convicted three criminals for a string of armed robberies. Police were monitoring the suspects but were never able to catch them in the act, until they employed a GPS tracking device on the criminals’ vehicle. The defendants challenged the use of the GPS tracking device in court calling it “an unconstitutional search” but lost that challenge, as well as others. The Eleventh Circuit agreed with the lower courts, stating it “comfortably finds that the warrantless use of the GPS tracker was permissible”. In this case, the reasonable suspicion came via the police’s reliable informant, and surveillance footage of the Expedition at the scene of other robberies.

Fox Trax GPS fleet tracking has helped several customers track down their stolen vehicles and property, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars. And, by installing their own GPS tracking on their fleet vehicles, time spent in court is greatly reduced. If you want to learn more about asset tracking contact a Fox Trax representative today.

FoxTrax GPS Fleet Tracking Clever solutions for vehicle tracking

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tax Time is Here!

Learm how FoxTrax can help you save money this tax season!

The IRS recently released its 2014 standard mileage rates. Did you know the business rates dropped by .5 cents, down to 56 cents per mile? Better yet, do you know how that will affect your business? While the rate decrease is less than a penny it could still impact the cost of running and repairing your vehicles. Fifty-six cents doesn't stretch far, and for a business that runs on fleet vehicles, miles mean money.

Have you researched just how much could you save by trimming a few miles off of every route, or dispatching the closest driver to that incoming service call, versus the one across town? Let FoxTrax GPS do the work for you. FoxTrax GPS vehicle tracking offers the control and flexibility you need to make those changes, which in the end could save you thousands.

FoxTrax GPS Fleet Tracking Clever solutions for vehicle tracking

Friday, February 7, 2014

FoxTrax GPS Devices Pay for Themselves

Learn to how FoxTrax helps this customer save money with durability and dependability!

GPS tracking can do a lot to help you better manage your day-to-day operations. But it only works if you have the right equipment. Robert Johnson operates a property maintenance service for businesses throughout Texas. He owns 40 vehicles.

Robert was using GPS tracking devices from another tracking company, but wasn’t getting the results he needed. In fact, the expensive devices continually broke down and were easily disengaged by employees. Robert turned to FoxTrax for help and immediately made the switch. He has not had any trouble with the devices or his employees since that day.

More importantly, his FoxTrax GPS Tracking System saved him more than $20,000 by helping police catch a would-be thief. Robert’s GPS tracking system was set up to send text messages to his phone anytime one of his vehicles left the company’s geofence area. One day he was alerted that a vehicle was on the move when it should have been parked. Police were able to track down the vehicle and the man who stole it. They also discovered he was using the vehicle to steal goods from other businesses. Robert recovered his vehicle and $6,000 worth of equipment. He also helped return almost $100,000 of machinery and tools to other the businesses involved.

Robert said by the end of the day his FoxTrax GPS tracking devices more than paid for themselves.

FoxTrax GPS Fleet Tracking Clever solutions for vehicle tracking

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Distracted Driving and Your Business

Do your drivers depend on their cell phones for communication with your office, navigation tools, and customer calls? How many times a day does your dispatcher need to communicate with your drivers?

41 states in the US have banned text messaging for all drivers, and 12 states prohibit all drivers from using handheld cell phones at all. In a study conducted by the US Department of Transportation out of only 203 Commercial Vehicle drivers in just 16 locations there were a total of 4,452 safety critical events such as crashes, near crashes, and unintentional lane changes – and in well over 60% of those incidences distracted driving was the cause. Could your drivers be at risk? What impact does an incident like this have on your business?

FoxTrax GPS offers many solutions to the distracted driving problem – from navigation to GPS vehicle tracking. Your office can send your drivers routes, assign destinations, and find the closest driver to a customer location all without picking up the phone. Call us today to find your solution.

FoxTrax GPS Fleet Tracking Clever solutions for vehicle tracking

Thursday, January 23, 2014

FoxTrax Goes Swimming

Hear about this professor's research and how he took FoxTrax GPS tracking underwater!

As you consider adding GPS tracking to your fleet vehicles in 2014, remember this: GPS tracking is for EVERYONE, even if your means of transportation doesn’t come with wheels. A professor in Rhode Island and his research team are attaching GPS trackers to floating buoys in tidal regions right off the coast.

On a typical day, FoxTrax sticks to the highways and back roads, but these trackers are close enough to the shore that cell reception isn't an issue. And we’re helping with important research. The professor's research is essential to our understanding of how water moves... and the stuff that moves with the water. He's now able to track contaminants and pollutants to see where they are most likely to end up after they enter the water.

This FoxTrax customer says he loves the ability to sign on and find out, at any given moment, where the buoys are AND download all the essential data needed for his research papers.

FoxTrax GPS Fleet Tracking Clever solutions for vehicle tracking

Monday, January 20, 2014

FoxTrax Tips – Put a Stop to Unauthorized Driving

Unauthorized driving hurts your bottom line in a variety of ways: increased gasoline costs, decreased driver productivity and possible customer delays to name a few.

Here are a few ways to stop unauthorized driving using your FoxTrax GPS systems:
  • Write down the odometer reading and the date when you start tracking your vehicles. Do this fairly often.
  •  Make sure your employees track their miles during business hours.
  •  Periodically check maps and routes during the week, and call employees during the week to make sure they are tracking their mileage.
  •  When you next have access to the odometer, run a report for that employee during the week. Compare the mileage from the report to the mileage from the odometer.
  •  If there is a large discrepancy, the driver has been turning off the tracker. Ask the driver to explain the discrepancy.
  •  Record the new odometer reading and date, then start the process again.

FoxTrax GPS Fleet Tracking Clever solutions for vehicle tracking

Monday, January 13, 2014

Expecting the Unexpected

Did you know GPS tracking can help your fleet manager better handle any situation, even the unexpected? In fact, GPS tracking saved one FoxTrax customer in Kansas City from losing a fleet vehicle to a thief.

John* expected his day to be like any other, managing his scheduled fleet, but when he glanced down at the computer screen to check on his crew he noticed something unusual. One of his fleet vehicles was slowly creeping out of the parking lot and heading down the road. Only, that vehicle was not scheduled to go anywhere that day. John immediately called police. Just a few short minutes later the vehicle’s speed slowed to zero. Turns out the vehicle, and the thief inside, had crashed.

Thanks to John’s early warning the police were able to quickly arrive at the scene of the crash and apprehend the thief before he could run. John was able to recover his expensive equipment and supplies from the truck.

John says having GPS tracking in place helped him “expect” the unexpected.

FoxTrax GPS Fleet Tracking Clever solutions for vehicle tracking